Sound Glitch with Monkey Ball

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

While waiting DST new content to fully come out, I started playing Singleplayer HAM/SW.

Recently I built monkey farm where to farm Krampus, so I built alot of prime ape huts and a very small pen with doors where I droped silly monkey ball in the middle. As soon monkeys noticed ball and trying to get it (crowding to outside walls) game sound started to glitch out.

I hosted a new world to test this again, it still has the same problem, but only if pen where you drop silly monkey ball is very small, like in this screenshot. (7 walls + doors)5d382b542d907_soundglitch.thumb.png.ee2d1023ad5b342da81d49dab30ef161.png

Steps to Reproduce
build a very small pen with gates and drop silly monkey ball in the middle. close gate and wait when monkeys will be interested to get monkeys ball.

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