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Shipwrecked has a irritating crash on ps4

  • Version: Console Pending
the game is very good, but it's crashing all the time. discourages even to play, because it is a very old game to be with such a problem and you cannot move forward, because every time comes back days ago.

Steps to Reproduce
I was playing during one of the seasons, hurricane I think, and the game goes crah all the time. there must be some error in the program code, I don't know. you need to fix it, i can't play like that.
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User Feedback

Thats so true, normally when im playing i have 5 to 8 crashes each day while playing in shipwreked, and it happends randomly when you are doing anything. I recommend to fix this because im getting tired of making the same things again and that makes the game so frustrating and unplayeble.

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