Season length keeps changing

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I am playing as Warly, I have set the Mild Season to very long (50 days), and the other seasons to short (10 or 12 days). During the first year, when I reloaded after saving and exit (during mild season), instead of being at 22/50 days, it changed to 22/30. Saving and loading didn't fix it. The other seasons were the proper length. The second year, mild season starts 1/12.

I also have the bug of re-spawning crockpot, but I see that bug has been fixed.

EDIT: Today I loaded my save file after properly saving and exiting the game. The day now shows Mild 1/0. The next day, it was wet 1/10.

Steps to Reproduce
I might have closed the game with alt-F4 once instead of save and exit, but even when I save and exit, it still doesn't change back to have 50 days.

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