Sealnado not spawning

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So the first time I played shipwrecked, around day 40ish I encountered sealnado, he killed me of course, but ever since then he has not spawned once. I have started 7 new saves (games) and done 3-4 full hurricane seasons in each one yet no sealnado, a few of those I even turned hurricane on very long and sealnado on more yet nothing, seems bugged out imo and needs fixed bad, I haven't even got to fight him yet and I would really love to have iron wind.

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Maybe let sealnado kill you on first play through then start new game and see if he spawns again.
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I've been through a number of hurricane seasons as well and my experience is similar to the original poster. I think it was my second or third game of SW, still getting my sea legs in the game so-to-speak, and while looking for a swordfish since I didn't have one yet I got the message that it was coming. It killed me and I had to restart. My longest game was/is 199 days, but it is currently bugged and crashes to Home on XB1 when attempting to load (I've added comments to that issue). In that game I actively looked for the sealnado, roaming the seas during hurricane season, especially toward the end of the season. My base being secure from flooding from previous seasonal cycles.


I have only seen or been warned of it once.

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