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Sealnado death causes invisibility.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

If you happen to be sucked inside the Sealnado, and it dies from something else while you are inside it. (In my case hounds took it out) You will be invisible, unable to move and you cannot use anything in your inventory. the UI stays though, but all you can do is watch your hunger slowly drain until you die from starvation, or charlie gets you in the night.

Steps to Reproduce
Take sealnado down in health, get sucked inside it, have something else kill sealnado while you are still inside.

User Feedback

Maybe you did an invalid action. For example in RoG, burn the poisonous Monster birchnut tree with fire staff, causes a crash.

The name of this action is "Not declared". 

So, you need to take an screenshot to see the mentioned crash


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