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Went from SW to RoG via Seaworthy on day 1256. Went back to SW on day 1327, but the game crashed when it loaded the SW world. When I tried to reload my save file, it said "Shipwrecked 3-1256" (instead of 1327). The save file won't load and will crash every time I try to open it. Worth noting that I did not have a backup prior to the crash, would like to know if I can restore my world or my previous save file, or dismerge the RoG and SW worlds somehow... I really really don't want to lose my favorite 1300+ days world...

Below is my SW file prior to merging the worlds.

Thanks in advance for the help.


Steps to Reproduce
1. Travel to RoG from SW via Seaworthy 2. Travel back to SW from RoG via Seaworthy 3. Game crashes 4. Upon restarting the game, the save file won't load and the game will crash.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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Same thing just happened to me in my 1000+ SW/ROG world. Crashed twice with no error screen, when I reload I end up on the other side like nothing happened. Went thru Seaworthy a third time, crashed the game again but this time it no longer loads anymore. Pretty sure there is some huge seaworthy bug with the merged worlds. Lots of people are experiencing similar as I look through the bug tracker.

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