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Sailing into a world-end fog crashes a lot\

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  I hope all this SW bugtracking space program is alive.

  I decided to play some good ol' Don't Starve recently. And I experienced a really annoying problem. After sailing into fog (world edge) the game crashes often. Usually it doesn't if I do it right after launching save (I quit close to edge first), but the second time almost always crash the game. I experience regular performance problems since SW early access launch, but the fog thing is quite new. I had this problem before tho, that's what stopped me from playing. I think it's somehow lag-related, because right after picking the save file and jumping into game the framerate is a lil' bit better and it gets worse and worse over time. It ain't something new to me aswell, but described it just in case, maybe the lag has impact on possible crash chance (it's really high).
  I do use some mods, but it's not their fault - I tested it with no mods enabled (I even uninstalled them) and it was as bad as with them. I'm looking forward to some intense hot volcano lootin' spear guns shootin' and so on.

Steps to Reproduce
Welp, I described it clearly. Sailing into the world edge fog crashes the game a lot.

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Disabling the mods doesn't remove their effect on the game state. I've just had this issue with only Wormhole Marks installed, have you used this mod with this world? Also, was it either day 23 or during a storm?

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Actually I haven't experienced this issue in a long time now.
To answer your questions (sort of) - I don't remember, sorry :/

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