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Resurrection after sinking is dangerous

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I'm not sure if it's a bug, or just a feature, but when you survive a drowning with a life jacket, the game doesn't check if the place where you get revived is safe or not. Last time I woke up in the middle of an eye-plant field being attacked... and I only survived that because Wigfrid has more hp and takes less damage. Furthermore, the eye plants ate all the logs and grass, so I could't make any raft or fire... (luckyly I had a boat pre-built...). 

Again, it might be normal and than I just was unlucky, but I think it can be considered a bug and it's really annoying to die right after resurrection, especially if it's not my fault at all (the second one, at least).


Steps to Reproduce
Play Shipwrecked (normal settigs, wasn't connected to a RoG- or vanilla-world), die of drowning while wearing a life jacket, and have a huge pech with the placing when you get revived :)
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