PS4 -- Webber Cave Crash

  • Version: Console Pending

While playing RoG, Shipwrecked enabled on the PS4 today as Webber I went down into the caves about 20-25 days in. I had encouraged spooders hug each other. When all my minions had faded away I went to attempt to recruit a cave spider. I was using fresh monster meat, I hit left on the D-Pad when [Give] was an available opinion. As soon as Webbers hand reached out to grant a pardon to said spooder the game crashed, gave me the enclosed screencap and then was hardlocked. I had to manually kill power to the PS4 to get it to stop.CyC22M-UQAAQYWP.jpg

Steps to Reproduce
Webber, RoG/SW-enabled, Caves, Monster Meat, Give to Cave Spider, Crash

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