[PS4 SW] Framerate/memory leak issues

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Hey Klei,

I love your games! So much that I buy them twice. Once on pc and secondly on the ps4! 

I'm having a bit a hard time enjoying shipwrecked on the ps4, though. The frame rate drops significantly when sailing and when playing for around 15-20 minutes straight. At first it seems to just be the boat model that is lagging but then everything on the screen has a decrease in fps. I have to exit the game and reload every 15 minutes to maintain a playable frame rate. I know other people have posted about this issue but there seems to be no official feedback so I'd like to make a thread about it as well. 


Thanks for reading!

Steps to Reproduce
Playing the game for extended periods of time on the ps4. Sailing or having a lot of creatures on the screen at one time will make the frame rate drop faster. I am playing as wickerbottom on default SW settings.

User Feedback


Hi there, 

I also posted something similar about the SW performance issues on PS4 and I totally agree with you. I really hope they urgenly fix this problem in a patch soon as now it is affecting my game experience. 

The funny thing is that RoG seems to work just fine and provides a quite smooth experience in comparison to SW. 

SW is such an amazing expansion, with so much depth and crazy things to find out... It's kind of a let down that the games is not working properly.

I hope Klei will listen to both of us ;)



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.... ....

Same issue, finding Shipwrecked unplayable every playthrough after day 5ish due to horrible framerate. Hope this gets fixed soon! Hire more ppl we will support you on kickstarter.PC gaming is not for everybody.If ps4s gonna get everything 2 years late and still broken, i guess me and any non-pc master race gamers are going to have to give up on these games. Mobile port? Seriously?


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