[PS4] Caves - RoG/SW link breaking seasons

  • Version: Console Pending

Dropping down to the caves messes the seasons up. 

Start new game in RoG, SW compatible, Autumn start. I drop to down the 1st Cave i encounter on day 3 for just half an ingame day, come back up and i'm in winter. The seasons flipflop everytime i go down there, no matter how long i'm down. 

Same happens with the RoG/SW link jump. The seasons flipflop on every jump. 

This is really a game breaking bug which is holding me back for a long time nog in playing your awesome game. 

Please fix this asap! Thank you! 

Steps to Reproduce
Start game in RoG, SW compatible, dropping down in the caves messes the seasons, jumping RoG/SW does the same.

User Feedback


It's a problem I've reported in Aug. already shortly after SW update & it happens even if SW is not enabled.

The bugs in both RoG & SW have also kept me back from sinking a decent amount of time into it. :(

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This bug was supposedly fixed on 10/14/16, but wasn't submitted in the updates to Sony until 10/20/16. Has that pack of updates finally been accepted and released by Sony? And has this continued to happen even after the update?

(I haven't actually touched my game since back in October, due to all the bugs)

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