Poor frame rate on PS4

  • Version: Console Known Issue

Several users (me among them) have reported constant frame rate drops with Shipwrecked on PS4. Klei have already confirmed that they are working on the issue, but as weeks & months go by, we see that some patches have been launched while the problem remains unsolved.  I am aware that I'm a pain-in-the-ass user but to me and other players this is a far more critical and important issue than if the volcano is correctly balanced... I hope someone reads my umpteenth message in a bottle.

Steps to Reproduce
Just check what happens on an island with monkeys, trees, rocks, etc

User Feedback


Especially bad in my games near Floaty Boaty Knights and the Slot Machine. Whenever I use the Seaworthy to go to the other world, the framerate is fine there.

(Like the OP said, it can't hurt to repeat the information)

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