Please dont chenge my love!!

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Personally, I Love this coffee/flingomatic farming system so much, lots of 'old' don't starve players around me are exploiting with this system in our own SW worlds. I am a member of a Chinese Don't starve group (on QQ APP), and we are having fun from this.
Well, with the collaboration of coffee and flingomatic, you can build various kinds of farming systems. For example, Wigfrid can attract spiders to the shooted coffee bushes and kill them one by one, while restoring San/HP. Another example is to use it farm prime apes traped by a Silly monkey ball. My friends are trying to innovate more systems to farm efficiently in Don't starve everytime we play this game.
One of the member in that Don't starve player group is a broadcaster @ Douyu TV (Chinese version of Twitch). Today his basement became a mess because this system no longer works. He has been playing wigfrid for OVER 7000 days. Most of his facilities are designed with coffee bushes and ice flingomatic.
I think this should not be defined as a 'bug'. Because, a bug technically means an error in a game which is annoying (e.g. game crash, doydoy missing problem). I think this should be considered as a appliable mechanics that can be used by everyone. Well, what repels us is not the 'bug' itself, but is the update of Rev.190 which disabled this system.
I believe fixing this bug would depress my friends and myself. So please let it reborn.

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This issue has been closed either because it is not a bug or does not belong in the bug tracker.

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Could you freeze any type of monster with this bug? If answer is yes, then I think game would become too easy and senseless.

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