Pigs, Bunnymen, and Bees spawning

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I've found this bug a few times. There are pigs (not wildbores), Bunnymen, and bees all in groups, right next to each other! This has happened on land and ocean. Please fix this bug. I have looked at the bug tracker and nobody else reported this. I was using a mod, but i don't think that's the case. It is not a rare bug, because it has happened like three times, but it is not common. I don't know if it happens multiple times on one world. I found this first around December 2015. Keep up the good work!!


Steps to Reproduce
You just have to look around some worlds for it.

User Feedback

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i figured it out it has to do with the mod too many items atleast thats what caused it for me or any mod that lets you get any item when you open the menu to get an item you could find a jumble of all the structure like the one in the picture below and it contains beeboxes carrot hutches and pig house so they spaw frome there i think the only way to fix it is stop using the mod. 59e3a48b94a61_theorybunnymen.thumb.jpg.70c112f300cb2ea78a91015361827195.jpg

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