[Optimization] One of the great causes for Shipwrecked lag!

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First of all I can be wrong.

I was tired of suffering with lags in my main world, so I decided to create a new one.
Obviously, with a new world I do not suffer from any type of lag, pressing "backspace" appears the entities counter, in this new world, in a place where there are few things
"538" entities, right up there has a place with few walls and chests soon the quantity rose to "1000".


In my main world there are many walls even, my base is simply made up of them, and I realized that this entities counter was with a very high value, in a place where those walls were concentrates the value went to "5693" entities. Something intrigues me a lot, why the hell my base lag so much, the sea goes without lag, when I get to the base, the fps drops drastically.




Months ago I thought it was the amount of vegetation that has on the spot, the issue of "times", but it did not make sense, in my grass plantation is where everything gets worse, the fps is between 10-15, there are several walls in these places, counting as entities.

Hurricane, another question, I can is wrong, but I think that's the reason. Wood and grass walls take damage with the wind, however, walls of tulecite, stone and coral are immune, even so, I think they still take, being the damage value "0", causing a huge fall of fps when they start the winds.


I do not know a real solution, but I think that's one of the reasons for the lag in shipwrecked.


(Sorry for my bad English)

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Needs optimization

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Walls creates lag unfortunately.......

I have performance issues aswell. I posted a bug about memory leak in DST. Which Klei fixed in the last patch. I wish they would optimize Shipwrecked the same way :)

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3 hours ago, Lundov said:

Walls cria lag desafortunadamente .......

também tenho problemas de desempenho. Eu postei um bug sobre o vazamento de memória em DST. O que Klei fixou no último patch. Eu queria que eles otimizassem Naufragados do mesmo jeito:)

Man, it's a lot of entities, RoG is no more than 500, Shipwrecked is 5000+

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