not only cave and ruins, DS even won't create survival

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

so I want to play RoG with WX in save files no 2

map config :
- start : autumn
- gobbler : none
- deerclops : lots

already days 4...I save and login again, creating the new map again...and if u link RoG game with SW, the save logo become SW...if u didnt link it, the save logo still RoG...

I looked at save folder, survival_2 not created...
I tried other save slot, no 3 and 4, the result is same...the world files not generated
I tried RoG and SW without map config, with WX and Wilson but the result is same...
I can play but can't save it
so I cant play other than save 1
save files no 1 is fine...but ruins wont created...already submit this error in other thread

before I realize it, once error happen...u know the background like wood and theres a program error writen like attachment but I didnt screenshot it (the attachment error pic not mine)

if become true, my saved files wont out...all saved files and characters that I gained is I just leave it to false)
sync with steam = off

I attached save files and log...hope Klei will fix this...


I tried with disable cloud true, the game become normal again (I can saved it, and I tried cave and normal...dunno about ruins) but theres no save files in save folder...other characters except wilson closed again and I cant play my previous new DS

ds error remote + log.rar


Steps to Reproduce
all writen above

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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If you turn off Steam Cloud, instead of your saves being in the Steam Remote folder, they are now in Documents/Klei/DoNotStarve/save. If you copy all the files from remote into that folder with steam cloud turned off, you'll be able to continue playing your old games.

That said... is steam cloud still causing issues?

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