NEW Season Skip Bug [PS4]

  • Version: Console Pending

Since the last patch 1.08 for the PS4 the season glitch is still in effect, but slightly different. I've tried this multiple times in a RoG/Shipwrecked-linked world with the same results each time. 

Entering a cave/volcano for the "first" time skips a few seasons. For example, spring to winter, winter to autumn, autumn to winter. 

Going in the same cave again after this doesn't cause any more season skips. 

However, this bug RESETS when you enter the Seaworthy! 


@Wade I appreciate the development teams effort to fix the bugs and the game has improved for me since the last patch. But, this annoying bug in particular has not been entirely fixed despite your previous claim in another thread. 

Please continue to fix the bugs. 

Thank you. 

Steps to Reproduce
Enter Seaworthy - Go into a cave/volcano

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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User Feedback


I found a work around for this when u exit the cave or volcano if it not the right season close the app  when u load it should be the right season u should do this the second when u leave because if it auto saves it will leave u on the wrong season 

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so I did this and now everytime I log in half of my map I missing. Everytime I log in now a different section of the map is missing/blacked out by fog of war. No big deal. Just warning everyone who tries this.

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