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Monkeys walking on water?

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

This is a glitch I found when i was in the volcano. I was planning to place down Prime Ape huts to fight the dragoons but I attacked one of them and the whole pack starting attacking me, I fled to the exit but when i Exited, the monkeys follow and how you might ask? I think they are related to Jesus since they were WALKING ON WATER. They still hit me resulting me to lose all my sanity -_-. Of course this bug isn't GAME breaking its just funny to watch monkeys be jesusĀ 

Steps to Reproduce
Step 1: Go to the Volcano Step 2: Place a Prime Ape Hut Step 3: Attack one of the monkeys Step 4: Exit the Volcano Step 5: Watch the monkey be jesus

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