Misnamed SGstungray.lua crash

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

When encountering a Stink Ray on Linux the client crashes with the following error screen:


This is due to a misnamed SGstungray.lua, renaming "dont_starve/data/DLC0002/scripts/stategraphs/SGstungray.lua" to "SGStungray.lua" (Note the "s" changing to upper-case) fixes the issue.

I first reported on this issue in February 2016 and upon playing the game again today I can confirm it's still an active bug in the live Linux version. And honestly it's a trivial bug to fix that makes the Linux version unplayable for any meaningful length of time.

Steps to Reproduce
Encountering a Stink Ray on Linux

User Feedback

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Steam, and a verification didn't solve the issue but did flag a corrupt file warning; even after clearing the install directory and download cache then reinstalling it still flagged a corruption. I ended up having to completely reinstall the game in another Steam library, but that downloaded the correct SGStungray.lua.

Thanks Jason!

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I also just encountered this error. Verifying integrity showed no problems. Also running Steam on Linux. I've worked around it my changing the case of the third character of the filename, SGs to SGS. This is apparently the reverse of what others had to do many months ago where they changed it from SGS to SGs.

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More information.

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