Magic eggplant

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  • Version: Console Pending

For some reason I had a eggplant that would never give me the option to harvest. It stayed in the farm for over a year when I decided to move my farms. I quickly found out that it was not hammerable, with the only thing I could do was examine the FULL GROWN crop saying “go faster plant”. I though I could burn it then hammer it, so I set it on fire. thats when everything went to hell, with the plant catching on fire and then a invisible item under it set on fire as well. Then I crashed :)C07FFCB3-CDA7-4C41-968C-C467C9406A7D.thumb.jpeg.f8274900832043bcc7142bd77b8ab625.jpeg

Steps to Reproduce
I think when I tried to do the trick where you set the newly planted crop on fire to instantly get the cooked version, but it spread to my twigs and my flingomatic had to be turned on, and the crop was intact. That probably did it

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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