Land/water graphic glitch.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Whenever holding a torch nearby the coast the land will glitch and look like water.  It will only return to normal after putting away the torch or traveling far inland. This makes it difficult to see and navigate, especially at night. Noticed when playing with wendy, don't know if this occurs playing with other characters. 



graphic glitch.png

Steps to Reproduce
Select wendy and create a torch, then proceed to the coast, when nearby the edge, equip the torch and this should cause it to happen. This is an intermittent issue, however, so it may not immediately occur.

User Feedback

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If you have this, and it is reproducable after a save/load, please upload your savegame through the in-game bug reporter (Main Menu>Options>Report Bug). Mention the saveslot and the issue, and if possible save where it happens. It'll upload your save for us to look at.

I have been unable to repro this and would love to investigate with a working repro case.

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