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Jumping into a boat that is immediately destroyed results in floating character. Also, Meteor shower continues after dying and reviving from touchstone.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

If the player jumps on a boat, which is then immediately destroyed (ex. meteor strike that some distance away), you result with a character that is just floating. Not only that, when you respawn via the touchstone, its still raining meteors. I lost the run because of this, even though I had a boat prefabricated to replace the one that got destroyed.


Steps to Reproduce
1)Raining meteors during dry season. Make sure touch stone is activated. 2)Get on a boat just as its about to be destroyed. 3)See that you're floating in the air, unable to do anything. 4)Die (I died when the stuff caught on fire from another meteor) 5)Revive from touchstone, see that meteors are still falling.

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