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Invisible Flotsam (and/or potentially related items)

  • Version: Console Pending

First off, I don't own the PS4 version of Don't Starve quite yet, but I saw some posts about this issue and I decided to report it incase someone has not. Basically fish up flotsam, look at flotsam, see it is invisible. I have not been keeping up with PS4 patch notes (cause I do not have one yet) so for all I know this has been fixed, if so just close this thread. Thanks.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Fish flotsam, 2. Look at Flotsam, 3. See that item is invisible.
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User Feedback

First of all. 

You must  to check the world option to:

a) the compatibility with Shipwrecked and RoG/Base
b) If has not compatibility with the two ones.

sometimes, the bug appears when you deactivated the world conection. so, if you want to fix the bug you need to try the game with world conection available.

So, enjoy your game!.

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