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Infinite cave generation

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

When entering a cave for first time world generates... and generates couple minutes without effect.

After opening a console I only these entries multiple times:

scripts/screens/worldgenscreen.lua(188,1) RESTARTING GENERATION


After couple minutes I pressed alt+f4 to interrupt infinite loading. Game crashed.

Log attached.

I have both RoG and SW.

EDITED: after restarting a game cave was able to generate.

PS1. After searching a bug tracker I found this issue: 


It looks like that at least cave generation part is common.


PS2. is it possible to enable console logging to *file* to better detect bugs?


Steps to Reproduce
1. Make new world, choose RoG 2. , Choose Webber 3. Edit world, change *hounds* to *less* 4. Launch game 5. Find cave entrance, enter 6. Enjoy infinite cave generation

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