Hamlet link to SW-RoG linked world destroys RoG save

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I had a SW world linked to RoG, both of which had near 1k Days. This world was linked via Seaworthy, and was last saved/played 2 years ago. Since Hamlet beta and early access, I bought (not one of those free promo riders) Hamlet and enjoyed, and has 300 Days Hamlet World. Since Hamlet left Early Access, I switched from hamlet_interiors branch to regular branch, which made my old saves accessible.

But I noticed that the Seaworthy from Hamlet no longer leads to the old RoG world, but prompts to generate a fresh new RoG world.

In Hamlet, I built Skyworthy for the first time and tried to link to the SW world. It crashes sometimes, sometimes ends up generating a fresh new SW, and sometimes successfully leads to the SW world. However, the Seaworthy in SW no longer leads to RoG, but rather prompts to generate a fresh new RoG (just as directly clicking Seaworthy from a SW world that was not linked to Hamlet).

Attaching my save right before Hamlet and SW-RoG was linked. Can anyone successfully check: a) Seaworthy in SW is indeed linked to an existing RoG, b) Hamlet can be linked by building a Skyworthy to the SW-RoG for a single three world save?

Note: I was able to link Hamlet to the SW-RoG world to have 3 Hamlet-SW-RoG world all saved in a single slot yesterday. For some reason (maybe a game update!?), that save now only has Hamlet-SW and Seaworthy there prompts to generate fresh RoG.

p.s. I have my $steam/userdata/<userid>/219740 in version control as DS tends to destroy saves in between updates or DLCs quite frequently. That is why I could test a few variations mentioned above. For some reason though, backing up that directory alone doesn't seem to be enough; the game sometimes remembers a new world should be generated (e.g. character dies), and goes on to generate a new world anyways even if the backup was fully reverted.


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Mentioned above in detail.

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