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[Graphics][iOS/iPad Air 4th gen][mod-free]Reading a message in a bottle zooms to wrong spot on the map

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Playing Shipwrecked on an iPad Air 4th gen.

When I read a message in a bottle, the map zooms to a random already explored spot on the map. I have to zoom out to find the new X marks the spot.

Spot seems to be completely random, possibly central to my exploration pattern, but last time it zoomed in to the previous X marks the spot. The latter is not typical.

Location of character doesn't seem to matter, although I tend to read the message as soon as I retrieve them - it's an inventory space thing - so I'm usually standing on a raft or boat at sea.

Since I pretty much only play Wilson, I have no idea whether character affects the issue. I just started a game as Wickerbottom, I'll update.

Steps to Reproduce

Play Shipwrecked on iPad. Read a message in a bottle.

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