Game Crashed when leave the volcano.

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Hi,  I have played PS4 DST for half a year. Yesterday I unlocked the captain in SW.And then, when I leave the volcano. The game crashed. When I enter the game again, it cannot read the save data. And now, I lost all saves all unlocked charactors. How can I do next.........very  very sad.....Please!!Is there any other solution? THX~:(

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Unlocked the captain. And then leave the volcano. It happened when the scene loading.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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This happened to me, but when entering the volcano. Loading dot dot dot forever. 70 something days in on shipwrecked for ps4. I don't know if it requires a thread since I can't think of anything special I did. The neat thing was trying to recover an earlier save from the cloud I found out it uploaded to the cloud as it happened apparently. So now I'm stuck with loading dot dot dot. 

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Same thing as OP had happened to my game-- Upon leaving the Volcano the second time, around Day 110, the game data was corrupted and deleted all saves, all progress, and all record of any playthroughs. Never tried to merge the world to anything else, so the bug seems to be linked to the Volcano. Loading into the Volcano never actually took much time at all, and the crash upon exiting was almost instantaneous.

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