Fly noise for poop continues to play even when the poop has been placed in a chest.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Once I have collected poop from beefalos and placed it in a chest/chester, the fly noise that happens when you get close to poop dropped by beefalo continues to play when I am in close proximity to the container. Its irritating and the noise won't stop when I relocate the poop to a different container. Also, when I place the poop back on the ground, the fly effect doesn't occur and the noise doesn't happen. 

Steps to Reproduce
I place poop in a container (chest or chester).The noise that plays when poop is on the ground near the player happens when the player is close to the chest/chester instead. I take the poop out of the container and place it on the floor, which stops the noise from happening entirely and stops the animation of the flies around it.
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User Feedback


The glitch happens to me as well. There’s really isn’t anywhere I can put it to make the flies stop. I have to keep manure in my inventory to make the noise stop.

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