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Few bugs I've found

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending


Probably I should create topic for each bug, but I decided to organize them here. Been playing DS for two days (yesterday, today) and that's what I've found:

- Sometimes I'm getting crash when sailing through the fog (I mean end of the map).

- Ballphins from built palaces are swimming into my island. I mean they're like stuck (during the day), but it's easy to push them and ballphin will continue his way right on the ground of island. If you'll keep pushing him from ground to the sea and otherway, ballphin will disappear behind the map fog in the end.

- Doy-doys, opposite to ballphins, are trying to get to the sea. There's no food on the water, but they are still just going to the sea. Maybe they're trying to get to their spawn point.. have no idea.

- Crocodogs can be freezed if you will run away from them (far away I mean) and then return. They won't attack you, while you don't attack them.

- Old bug with character's items. I think it concerns to the whole game: You will get another crock pot if you will go to the volcano, for example. Same with Wes's balls.

- If swordfish will chase dogfish, for example, they will disappear "somewhere", and swordfish will never return to spawn point and no another swordfish will be spawned on the same spawn, as old one still alive somewhere.

- When you kill someone in a sea, sharks can be spawned. But sharks can be spawned everywhere, including islands.


Thanks for attention. )





Steps to Reproduce
Steps are described above. Sorry for all in one, but it will take an hours to put each to separate topic.
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