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Entering volcano is banned by game

Max slusser
  • Version: Console Pending

Entering the volcano seems to be banned by the game itself.  When i entered the volcano this time it didn’t my world but intead it did this wreid thing.  This was the first time I entered the volcano in this new world and it got done generating the volcano the game said it crashed but I was able to move my character.  Well like when I moved I could hear my character walking.  I don’t have a single clue of why this happened but according to the game I banned from going into the volcano without the game bugging out in ways that are inviolable 


Steps to Reproduce
Unknown. Maybe try playing your own game. Like create a shipwreck world try going into a volcano then do whatever then try going into a seaworthy then go to a RoG world then go into cave then ruins just try suriveing on don’t starve consle edition and see if it’s even playable anymore

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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If this happens again could you please upload the log file? That screen behind the pause dialog shows there was a script error, but can't tell what it is. The log would show me and I'd be able to figure out what may be up - I've gone to the volcano a number of times without issue, so it's something specific that triggers it.

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I have been playing a lot shipwrecked standalone and hamlet compatible, maybe i went 5 times to volcano in differents worlds (default and large), never ocurred this bug....

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