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Dusk/dawn music loops for set amount of time (Nintendo Switch version)

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I've reported this bug before, but I have some new information on it that may or may not make a difference in getting it fixed. When playing Shipwrecked, the music that plays to announce dusk and dawn loops. It specifically loops only until two segments of the clock have passed since dusk/dawn, then the music will abruptly stop mid-song as soon as the clock hand reaches the end of the second segment. I used to think that it was stopping in response to something that I was doing in the game, such as starting a task that triggers the working music. But now I think this was a coincidence, whatever I was doing only drowned out the loop so it was harder to hear, and it was just the clock reaching the end of the second segment of time cutting the music off.


I also used to think that the looping music was endless until the next time period (dusk after dawn, or night after dusk), but I believe this was just because dusk starts off very short in the first season when you start a new game. I noticed the dusk music loop stopping well before night (after exactly two segments on the clock, to be specific) even in seasons where dusk is significantly longer.

Steps to Reproduce
Just play the Nintendo Switch version of the Shipwrecked game and listen to the music when dusk falls or dawn breaks.

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