DoyDoy Disappeared from Inventory

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Version Number

Rev. 181319 WIN32_STEAM

Issue title

 DoyDoy disappeared from inventory upon feeding.

Steps to reproduce

Feed a DoyDoy in inventory during an autosave while lightning strikes.

Describe your issue

Happened once. Right clicked to feed a DoyDoy monster meat in my inventory just as the game autosaved and lightning struck during a storm. This caused the DoyDoy to vanish completely from my inventory. My naughtiness was not raised, nor were there any drops from the bird such as the usual feathers and meat, so I am certain I did not accidentally murder it. The DoyDoy did not appear anywhere nearby, nor on it's original island. The bird was directly in my inventory and not in a backpack or carrying device.

Steps to Reproduce
Feed a DoyDoy in inventory during an autosave while lightning strikes.

User Feedback

I believe what happened here is feeding monster meat to the doydoy killed it. That said, it should still provide loot if it is killed this way so I will fix that issue.

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