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Days aren't counted correctly

  • Version: Console Pending

I recently based inside the volcano during dry season and forgot something in base, so I went out and got a weird bug. The clock inside and outside the volcano shows different days and the paused popup shows an additional (different) day. This problem still occurs after restarting the world.

Outside Volcano: 132
Inside Volcano: 134
Paused Popup: 137 (that should be the "true" day)

It's not game breaking but now I can't trust the clock anymore and have to check the paused popup (to know how many days until next season).


(Playing on Nintendo Switch)


Steps to Reproduce
Not sure, but spend a few days inside the volcano and snackrifice something to the altar. Then go out and check day counter.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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