crash when entering the volcano

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Hi, I am a player of don't starve from China. I bought this game on steam last year.

And I got a problem during the game lately. When my character entered the volcano, the game crashed and showed me a warning.

I re-installed the game and hoped it could work, but I failed. According the warning, I deleted the save slot. I tried another character, the game still crashed.

The warning attached below. 

Hope who can tell me how to solve it. Thank you very much!

]`0{W_A0D`Q)6QY(S920REB.png BEQ}IA3[`9L6M@RS1EYOD06.png

Steps to Reproduce
It happened when my character found the volcano and tried to enter it. Genarally, when we enter the volcano, we can see a loading scene. But when this crash happening, no loading scene, no entering, just a warning.

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