Coral Reefs far away didn't regrow even after 2 years

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Mods used:

Action Queue Plus, Combine Status, Display Food Values, Geometric Placement, Health Info, Minimap HUD, Volcano eruption prediction

Game Version:

189297 WIN32_STEAM


Coral Reefs far away from my base didn't regrow even after 2 years (see the first attached gragh).

i mined these coral reefs at the second hurricane season (around day 100). They didn't regrow when I returned at day 322 (not a good number though^ ^).

Same issue exists to all coral reefs far away from Volcano since that is the place my primary base was constructed.

Building my base inside the Volcano is my habit. Everytime I play a SW world I would like to set my base there.

I showed off the screen snaps on my Volcano base, hope you guys can understand how the designed facilities work.

5. coral reef never regrow.png

6-1 meat farm.png

6-2 prime ape farm.png

6-3 spider farm.png

6-4 doydoy farm.png

6-5 honey stinger farm.png

6-6 dragoon heart farm.png

Steps to Reproduce
1. Starting with a shipwrecked world 2. Mine a coral reef far away from your base 3. Survive for at least 150 days 4. Back to that coral reef, found it didn't regrow

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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