Can't use Key to the City

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I brought my key to Shipwrecked but i can't create my epic city island because i can't acces the crafting tab.

You should be able to craft these structures in Shipwrecked and ROG too, it would be awesome to be able to make a city in these worlds but as it stands right now spawning a slanty shanty and i imagine any other structure like it will crash the game, of course hamlet's still in beta and i hope that by bringing attention to this it will later become a feature.

Also one more thing, you can't craft any Hamlet Items in Shipwrecked apart from the shared ones as well as in ROG. I feel like you should be able to craft any item from any DLC as long as i have them enabled, this would make preparation to go in one of them easier, for example you could make a cloth sail in hamlet to go into shipwrecked. And you wouldn't have to travel to another world just to craft some items as well.

Steps to Reproduce
Take Key to the City to a Shipwrecked World.

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