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Can't load my SW/RoG save file anymore, game just closes in silence

Green Crystal
  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

So I have a SW world, spent ~400 days in it, then decided to jump into new RoG world with Seaworthy, spent another 100 days there, decided to go back to SW but after I jumped into built seaworthy my game closed after loading for some time. I tried numerous times to load my save file and everytime game tries to load it then just closes after a couple of minutes. Only modes that I used were health info, combined status and geometric placement. Other save file with 30 days of survival is loading just fine. When the game closes there's no crash report or any message apart from that "all modes disabled. the game did not start correctly last time...".
Can I salvage my save file somehow? What can possibly cause this? I have some game crashes from time to time (sometimes it freezes and does not respond anymore). And one time when I spelunked into new cave the game spent 5 minutes generating this new cave map, I decided that it was not responding anymore and closed the game, then restarted and it continued to generate cave map but succeeded in another minute or too. Can my meat effigies cause this? (I have one built in SW and one in RoG world and my health is adjusted as if both of them are active). Or lureplant farms?



Steps to Reproduce
Spend 400 days in SW and prosper -> jump into newly created RoG world via seaworthy -> spend another 100 days of splendor - > try to go back to SW with your freshly built seaworthy -> spend eternity watching black loading screen and game crashes doubting that your efforts or life has any meaning

User Feedback

This happens when you spend a lot of time in a merged world and jump into the other. I do not advice staying beyond 50 days in one world - SW/RoG hops after a long time spent in either will ruin your game as the game fails to load the other world. Happened to me too and it was heartbreaking, no solution I know of at the moment. Sorry. Seems like you're gonna have to start a new game :(

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