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can't hammer coral reef after using pickaxe

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

After mining coral reef until depletion I can't hammer it down. The option is there but whenever I try it regardless of the boat type, character acts like he can't get close enough to the reef. Haven't been able to hammer it down in a single playthrough.

Steps to Reproduce
1. hop on boat 2. mine coral reef 3. try to hammer depleted coral reef down.

User Feedback

as of today this is still happening, i started new shipwrecked game compatibile with hamlet but not linked. In the beginning I could hammer coral reef after mining it, and i collected three coral larva but ever since then i can't collect more. It is same issue as described above, i can interact with it when i have hammer but boat seems to never be able to get close enough, i am experiencing this with armoured boat, not sure if it's same with other boats.

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