[beta?] XBox Controller button switch

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

When I started up Shipwrecked yesterday (I'm playing with the beta material but no bugs) I found the usual button order for my controller had been switched. the A button, which usually allows for picking things up, chopping trees and the like was now the B button, and the B button, usually for jumping off boats or cancelling out of menus, now did what the A button usually did.

Prompts had changed to agree with this, but when I tried to reset the controller settings or manually make A the default action button in the controls menu it didn't work.

Swapping A and B in controls did work but I've also found I can no longer hold down the A button to continuously chop trees and such, which will be a pain.

Anyone else experienced this problem?

Steps to Reproduce
It just happened when I started the game on 05/10/17

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