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[Beta] Wilbur Running Sound

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Can't Reproduce

When walking around and stopping as Wilbur before ever going into sprint mode, the WOOSH sound that plays when he starts sprinting can be heard. While doing small chores around the base I was constantly trying to figure out where the wooshing sound was coming from, thinking it was the monkeys tossing items to me. It is not a really bad bug but it is weird to hear sprint mode falsely activate a second or two after you stopped moving.

Steps to Reproduce
1) Start walking in any direction as Wilbur for one moment. 2) Stop moving sometime before the sprint activates. 3) Wait a second. 4) *Woosh*

User Feedback

hmm. I can't replicate that problem.  The sound plays (or doesn't play) properly for me.  Any other repro step you can think of?

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