[beta] Tar Extractor - endless tar

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Dupe

Tar Extractor makes tar, even after it is depleted.

I picked all the tar around extractor (it was depleted). I returned after many days have passed & there is so much tar...

Look at the screen below - I picked many, many tar and still there is so much laying around the tar extractor.

EDIT 28.10.2017

After the recent patch - the infinite tar bug is fixed.


Steps to Reproduce
Build tar extractor, when the fuel runs out - pick all the tar, return after several days have passed.

User Feedback


um... this glitch can get really bad. I have 2 extractor just out side of my base. If you try switch them off, they will automatically switch on later, and this can happen on screen, as show in the video below:


I try to switch off and save the game, when you load the save however the extractor will be back online. At one point I have so many tar my fps falls. It took me a day to pick up all the tar. It is worst than the deepwater horizon oil spill.

If any dev want to look at the save, I have it attached. 

oil spill glitch.rar

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I wasn't able to repro this bug. But I put in some extra insurance code to try and stop it from happening for the next update

If someone knows steps to get this to happen, it would really help me.

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