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[Beta] Overheating in mild season and locked day-night cycle

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Can't Reproduce



I've decided to test the beta tonight but I'm already dealing with 2 annoying bugs : 

first, the overheating, the temperature appears to increase with time, it starts the first day as a very short peak (few seconds, exactly at midday), later it occurs all the day (around day 6) and finally all the day + all the evening (day 10). All plants and limpets begin wilting, like a dry season.

second, the day-night cycle is locked, you can notice on my screenshot that I'm day 10 and I have a day 1 cycle.




I don't use any mods atm, all my mods are off. Also, all the settings are by default. I've started 4 games, all the same.

It is happening everywhere (beach, forest, sea...). No special items like thermal stones or obsidian stuff are used.

I've tried verifying the game files and uninstalling/reinstalling the game but nothing. 


Dunno what to do, thanks for the help!

Steps to Reproduce
I played normally and started the game with it.
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User Feedback


Hmm. Have you played with the custom settings much before trying out the beta?  I can't think of anything at the moment that would cause the behavior you're seeing other than tweaking the world gen options.

 You could maybe try removing your profile file from documents/klei/DoNotStarve/save and see if the problems continue. That file contains any presets you might have saved for world gen that might be getting in the way?  That file also contains the info of which characters you've unlocked as well, so removing it will roll back your unlocks. But you can just move it or rename it to something else like  profile_OLD to see if that helps. And then move or rename it back afterwards. 

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