Bee hives, killer bee hives and bee boxes stop spawning bees after being ignited, potential crash

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Bee hive: stops spawning children after being ignited because of inst:RemoveComponent("childspawner") in OnIgnite function, won't respawn bees until the game is reloaded even if the bee hive is extinguished. The game crashes when the season changes. Happens in all three versions (DS, RoG, SW).

Suggested fix: delete line 41 of scripts/prefabs/beehive.lua for all three versions ( inst:RemoveComponent("childspawner") in OnIgnite function ) - how it's handled in DST - OR change it to inst.components.childspanwer:StopSpawning(), possibly adding an event listener for onextinguished to resume bee activity (not required, since the daytime event listener already takes care of it eventually).

Killer bee hive: same as above, only the game doesn't crash on seasonal changes.

Suggested fix: same as above, line 15 of scripts/prefabs/wasphive.lua. File only exists for base game.

Unrelated: notice that the assets table isn't local. Also, typo in line 89, should be inst.components.childspawner.childname = "killerbee".

Bee box: same as above, but only affects RoG and SW. No crash.

Suggested fix: same as above, line 222 of scripts/prefabs/beebox.lua for RoG and SW. Possibly also remove line 221 ( inst.components.childspawner:StopSpawning() ) for consistency with bee hives and killer bee hives.

Steps to Reproduce
Start a new game. c_give"firestaff"; c_give"icestaff"; c_spawn"beehive"; c_spawn"wasphive"; c_spawn"beebox". Ignite and extinguish. Wait.

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