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WX Lost Health

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

WX-78 lost 30 health points after a recent upgrade and I'm not able to get his health past 370 even after eating a gear.  Unless something recently changed, I understood that his max health was 400.  Two of the mods I am using show his health at 400, but his health only shows 370.  Is this a bug or 370 the max health now for WX?

By the way, I LOVE all the Don't Starve games; I am HUGE fan!!! I got my sister hooked.  Keep up the great work!


Steps to Reproduce
I did nothing...after the update (second or third update ago), when I went to start playing, I noticed his health dropped down 30 points.
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User Feedback

Sounds like you have a magic flower planted back when there were some issues with its maximum health penalty being applied properly, which was fixed some weeks ago.

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