wormholes in hamlet and weird world gen

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

i just made a new world to check something and i got a broken world. its all default world settings but im using mods.


first of all the cultivated turf is weird.



then this setpiece is broken



on island 5 is a wormhole in the water and it leads to island 6



when i jumped in the wormhole it made sounds and animation like when you jump in a shipwrecked wormhole (the triangle) 




when i came out of the wormhole my boat was deytroyed and i was like a hologram



when i tried to go back threw the wormhole it made wormhole sounds but nothing happent. i coudnt go back. and yea my char was bugged

Steps to Reproduce
made a new world and get unlycky with world gen? no idea i made lots of worlds and never got this

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14 minutes ago, BeliarBAD said:

ow do i do this?

Main Menu>Options>Report Bug, Mention the save slot and the issue and it'll upload your savefile.

Thanks :)

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