Wickerbottom can't craft already known tier-1 recepies from HAM in SW

Green Crystal
  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

As Wickerbottom knows every science-machine-tier recepies from the start/world hop, I found myself unable to craft these when on another world because technically I've never learnt them. For example I can craft cork barrel, shears, ball pein hammer in Hamlet but I will not have these crafts available when jumping into SW or ROG. I tried to create these near an alchemy engine, but they still are not considered as learnt. All I can do is, with the example of cork barrel, travel to HAM, precraft one, go to shipwrecked, place it where I want it to be, travel back to HAM an so on, because even if I have precrafted structure I still won't have the craft option after the structure is placed. 

I suppose it's only Wickerbottom's problem due to her perk, because I saw some streams and they have all recepies all right.

Steps to Reproduce
Choose Wickerbottom - make some tier 1 craft that is only available in this dls - travel to another dlc and find out that you can't craft it here because no such option

User Feedback

Yeah, you only learn recipes by prototyping them. Since Wickerbottom never prototypes them, she never learns them. A similar issue exists with Sea Yards and Sea Chimineas, which cannot be crafted in HAM, because you have them by default in SW.

Using a blueprint of the recipe does unlock them, however.

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Good luck finding a blueprint for every hamlet, Shipwrecked and rog item you want universally craftable lol

In General Wickerbottom's perk of having Knowledge of a science machine from the getgo seems to cause more issues than everybody likes

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