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Wheeler's Pew-matic Horn - CRASH

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending



How it happened:

I was in Hamlet as Wheeler, I reconstructed the Stone Thing with all the 4 Things and used it to start World 2

What I was carrying was: 10-12 bundled wraps, a pith hat, a backpack, a Mant Mask, and her Pew-matic, with 10-20 stale seeds stored inside it.

I selected Wheeler for my second world, after the world stopped generating I saw wheeler and the Maxameleon for half a second and then the crash appeared (as shown above).

I am assuming the seeds stored inside the Pew-matic were the reason behind this crash?

I hope you can fix this problem soon, as of now I am unable to play on my world.

Thank you,



Here is a screenshot of the crash with no mods enabled:


Steps to Reproduce
Steps: A) As Wheeler I used The Fully Constructed Stone Thing with: 10-12 Bundled Wraps, Pith Hat, Backpack, Mant Mask, and the Pew-matic Horn with 10-20 stale seeds inside it. B) New selected character for World 2 was Wheeler, once the world finished generating the game crashed.
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