Wagstaff's goggles: Missing features (Infroggles, Gas Mask, Visor)

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

reworked info - migrating from https://forums.kleientertainment.com/klei-bug-tracker/ds-hamlet-early-access/issues-with-wagstaffs-goggles-infrogoogles-not-showing-shadow-creatures-fix-lenses-for-gas-mask-missing-water-res-visor-r18647/


- Infroggles don't show shadow creatures

there is a discrepancy here. If Infroggles were supposed to show only HEAT signatures, why do they show reptiles?


Frogs are cold-blooded and if there is this exception I don't see why not fixing it for Shadow creatures when there is evidence NF CAN be warm to the touch

“Eww, it's still warm!” –Willow

In the middle of the jungle or in very dark places is pretty much impossible to see shadow creatures with infroggles



here u can hardly see it.. but it hit me first before and I can't even notice is there.. only with mouse 


- fix lenses for the Gas Mask to adjust for Wagstaff's impaired vision

you got 2 alternatives in-game rn... pretty much duke it out and take the hp hit if the ruins entrance isn't that far

or enter the toxic jungle practically blind cuz the LENSES aren't adapted to Wagstaff, when in reality they could cuz they are lenses after all.


we already got the Gas Mask, but it can be a bit dangerous not to be able to see clearly what's happening specially when that area is full of mobs (bettles, snaptooth)

Since the Gas Mask has lenses, this change could be done directly to the existent Gas Mask instead of designing a new one. 


Visors are the only helmet-like type of head gear that has MISSING WATER RESISTANCE

after the fog is gone.. u need a quick way to dry off. In Hamlet we only get access to Umbrella + head OR body gear to quickly achieve this while is still raining. 


At the moment we don't have a viable solution to do that on the go cuz the visor only has basic protection but no weather resistance, even though it's a full coverage head piece

 ... if the visor was to receive a bit of water resistance like a football helmet (20%), key word helmet covering the full melon xD, we could do this in rain while drying off.. check the water meter in the following screenie


compare here with a football helmet


Steps to Reproduce
wagstaff missing issues that affect gameplay--- visual bugs
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the cold blood of reptiles means that they adapt to the temperature of the environment when it is hot they are more active with cold otherwise
The ability to adapt requires less energy and food to survive. Do not leave school :p

ah I had forgotten snakeskin jacket to stay dry

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