Unknown game crash.

  • Version: Console Pending

I don’t know what’s causing the crash.. but I am on Xbox One playing the Newly released Hamlet DLC Expansion as Wagstaff.

The game tends to freeze up and Dashboard me out of the game. I don’t know what’s causing this crashing issue.. but it’s happened at least 3 times. Seems to be related only to playing as Wagstaff..

I didn’t Crash when playing as Wendy, Wormwood or Walani prior to playing Wagstaff.

Steps to Reproduce

Play on Xbox One, Play Hamlet Expansion DLC pick Wagstaff as your character, play for a little while until the crash.

User Feedback


What season and location? I'm having problems with rabid beetles killing FPS completely and making save unloadable on integrated GPU.

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This has also happened to me 2 times while I was playing WX-78 on in the new hamlet dlc. Every time I try to load onto the save it just brings me back to the dashboard. Please fix soon so I can play again 

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