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unable to mine Womant throne [Switch Version]

  • Version: Console Pending

I'm unable to mine out of the womant throne because there is items in the way that make it so I have no option to mineĀ out.

Steps to Reproduce

1.I brought some pig guards to kill womant

2.killed womant and some pigs died

3.I some how got stuck inside the throne

4.the items that the pigs dropped are on the ground (far from reach)

5.my character tries to pick up those items out of reach rather than mining the throne

6.im stuck with no mining option only pick up those far from reach items

User Feedback

I had a similar issue. I, luckily, didn't get stuck inside the throne, but I almost did. I also didn't have pigs 'cause I was playing as Webber, but I had to abandon the bundling wrap blueprint entirely because of this. Definitely made me upset, but at least the royal crown fell outside of the throne, so I was able to unlock Wilba. Still left a sour taste in my mouth. I certainly feel your pain, here!

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